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Perth Escourt | Go Out on a Sexual Limb With a Perth Escourt or With Your Lover

KKOfPrjYs5cIn the course of finding the most daring places to have sex, some couples can become limited to the back seat of a car, in the woods near a hiking trail, or in a hidden nook on a beach. A Perth Escourt or two will say there’s nothing wrong with that. But those places aren’t the only other places to have sex.

Here are a few more daring ideas:

  1. A rooftop party. Spilled drinks and perhaps a few minor cases of vandalism aren’t the only instances of mischief you’d expect from a party. Then again, not all parties are the noisy and rowdy kind. If you and your special someone play your cards right, you can still get away with it.

Hiding behind a row of potted plants, for instance, and muffling your moans and groans will help you both have your fun without interrupting your friends’.

  1. At the film theatre. Getting it on in public is only illegal if you’re caught. That said, getting down and dirty while at a film can be done if you time it right. Going into the theatre when everyone else is at work will lessen chances of discovery. Head to the back, too, so that you’re not easily spotted.
  1. In the office. Once the boss is out and the cleaners have finished their customary sweep, the office is fair game. It can be easy to stay hidden if you have an out-of-the-way cubicle.

What if you wanted to make this ‘outing’ even more daring? You and your lovely lady could try and have an orgasm while everyone’s out to lunch; the thing is, you don’t know when they’re all coming back.

  1. On a boat. Rent a raft and row out to the middle of a lake, or sneak over to the local marina and sneak on board one of the docked boats. It’s like a compromise between private and public, because you’re still hidden to some extent, but you’re out in the open.

Try any of these places at the top of the list of crazy places to have sex in, and the next time you hire a Perth Escourt, she’ll colour herself impressed – and show you just how impressed in bed.


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