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Perth Escourt – 5 Ways to Mind-Blowing Anal Sex

N6j2LRyW2rYNot everyone is up for anal sex, even if those who’ve tried it have deemed the act pleasurable, and the orgasms as different from those achieved through ‘regular’ intercourse. For women like those showcased in Perth Escourt, going through the back door can be a welcome change.

So say you and your partner have tried it and added it to your repertoire. Even if you don’t indulge in it very often, having anal sex the usual way can get boring. You’ll want to try out these tips to change it up, so you avoid wearing it out too soon.

  1. The Dirty Lotus. This is similar to the usual lotus position for seated sex, only you enter her ass instead of her vagina. This is a great idea idea if you want to feel her breasts up against you. Lean back to make it easier to enter her, or have her lean back, so you can teasingly fondle her clit.
  1. Anal Spoon. For a drawn-out session, adapt the spooning position for anal sex, with her curled on her side and legs held a little away from her body. This helps her relax, so entry is easier for you both. Since she’s close enough and your hands are free, you can play with the rest of her body as much as you like.
  1. The Scorpion. It’s a little like doggy-style anal, only she needs to get into child’s pose from yoga. The higher angle of entry will feel great for you, and orgasm will be mind-blowing for her.
  1. Leg Up. Just as a slight shift in position can make all the difference in vaginal sex, so it can for anal. Have her lie on her back, with one leg up and draped over your shoulder. Straddle her other leg, and slowly penetrate her ass. The sight of you slowly thrusting in and out of her is a sure-fire turn on, and yet again her clit is within easy reach.
  1. Fly the Flag. Remember the ‘suspended congress’ pose? This is similar to that, only adapted for anal. You may have to hoist your girl a little higher so you can enter her properly, and limit the thrusting to grinding motions or you’ll tire quickly.

Dying to try these anal sex positions but don’t have a long-term partner? Browse the gallery at Perth Escourt, where orgasmic pleasure awaits!


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